Common Myths About Ticks

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to think about the extra measures you will take to protect your family from danger. There are concerns all year long, but the summer poses the highest number of risks. Ticks are among the risks we must protect ourselves from.

The many myths surrounding ticks are sometimes difficult to differentiate from the truth. It all sounds realistic and you only want to protect yourself and family without going overboard. Now you can accomplish that with this list of myths about ticks.

Ticks Are Not a Problem at Your House

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Some people mistakenly believe that ticks are only found in wooded areas but this is untrue. Ticks may very well be in your front or backyard, especially if there are weeds present or tall grass. Keep your home landscaped to avoid tick presence and remember, they can infest the house and other locations.

Ticks are Not Dangerous

This myth is dangerous for those who believe it because ticks transmit many diseases to pets and humans when they bite. Lyme disease is the most common disease that a tick can transmit. If you do not protect your home against ticks, this concern is on your mind all summer long.

You Can Treat Ticks Yourself

Without doubt, many products promising to treat ticks are sold at home improvement stores. However, these products do not always provide the results that you want. When you want the best tick control service, you need the help that only experts provide to the job. Hire tick control services in Greeley and get things done the right way.

Ticks are a common summertime nuisance, but there is no reason for this pest to bother your household. Do not believe the myths and take all precautions against ticks that you can to stay safe this summer.